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Patrón Tequila



Although Patrón Tequila has long been considered a premium spirit, it was perceived as Vegas-style shot experience for 20-somethings. People assumed it was mass produced in a factory by machines. Turns out, nothing could be further from the truth. 

It was our job to figuratively "open the doors of the hacienda" to the world. To change teach people how to sip and enjoy fine tequila, and reveal the way Patrón is truly made: by hand.


The proof comes from the 60 hands that touch each bottle of Patrón before it makes it to you.

The proof comes is in the bottles that are each hand blown and made of 100% recycled glass.

The proof is in the cork, hand-harvested in Portugal.

The proof is in limited edition tequilas like 7 Anos, which was (accidentally) aged 7 years.

The proof is in the hand-cut agave that wait eight full years to be harvested.

The proof is in the hundreds of workers behind the hacienda doors that make Patrón a reality.